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At Bay Air HVAC, we care about the health of our customers and families. That is why we are bringing and installing products for optimum living space. There are various products to choose from, but we want to make it simple for you. With only two products, you will be very healthy and free of allergies, smoke, odors, asthma, and germs.

Application on Residential and Commercial Systems

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    Electronic Air Cleaners

    We sell top-of-the-line quality and reliable products. Honeywell electronic air cleaner is a machine that is installed along with your HVAC system, furnace, or heat pump. It uses the most efficient filtration systems that clean up to 99.4% of the air. It helps to eliminate smoke odors, pet odors, relieve asthma, itchy eyes, and allergies.

  • 2

    IAQ UV Lights

    Enjoy odor and germ-free indoor air and surfaces. This air purification system utilizes dual technologies to reduce dust, dander, sub-micron particles, odors, air pollutants, smoke, and viruses.


  • 3


    Uses ion technology to improve the performance of your existing air system.

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    Its dual technology active in duct air purification reduces particulate matter such as dust and dander, by improving your existing filtration system's performance.

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    Sterilizers- Your HVAC system is extremely effective against biological growth bacteria odors and more. It works at all times, even when your machine is off.

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